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Sledger mastering service


Final make-up for tracks. High-quality mastering can make only a professional with own experience, using his familiar tools and in his ordinary workspace. We know how top tracks are sounding now and we are ready to make 2 free revisions of your track. Working time - 1-2 busines days...

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If you do not have any idea on how to place sounds in the track properly - you need the mixing. This process is more important in the audio production and requires attention and time. Usually, after mixing, we will show you the result already with mastering. Working time - is about 3-4 business days...

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Stem mastering

More powerful process with groups of instruments (not with each instrument, like with mixing). Often, We prefer stem-mastering instead of the mixing, since this work has undeniable advantages: less working time and the best possible saving picture of the author's mix. Working time - is about 2-3 business days.

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